Architectural Lighting Design – The Meeting House

Architectural Lighting Design – The Meeting House

During my time as a second year student I was tasked with redesigning the lighting in “The Meeting House” on the university campus for the chaplains. The new system needed to be energy efficient, meet the needs of the client for multipurpose rooms and on a tight budget. The following feedback was given by the client after a design pitch where key ideas and information was provided to the client.

During this project the following items were considered:

  • Climate and site context
  • Building functions
  • Building systems
  • Energy features and strategies
  • Suggestions to improve energy efficiency
  • Design appropriate for client
  • Control system (RGBW & Dimmer)
  • Visualisations of Design
  • Power System
  • Analytical techniques that may be used:
    • Daylight factors
    • Cost benefit analysis (simple payback/life cycle cost)
  • Site inspection / measurements
  • Interviews / surveys


Feedback from Client

Thank you for your lighting presentation at the Meeting House.

The material you provided for your presentation was professional and comprehensive. Your prospectus was much appreciated and helps us to continue to reflect on your ideas long after the presentation took place. You had a very engaging manner which drew us in and gave us confidence in your ideas. You addressed the brief well with sensitivity and demonstrated your understanding of the complexity of our needs. You also addressed the importance of natural light and darkness in the room and thought about the effect that would have on your proposed scheme. You considered costs and offered us clear understanding of how long it would take to recoup our investment. You had spent time building a sign ‘RELAX’ as a means of demonstrating possibilities to us. This demonstrated enthusiasm, innovation and imaginative application for the task.  All in all we were very impressed with your presentation. Well done.

Vaughan Rees
Director of Chaplaincy Services – University of South Wales


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