Wales Millennium Centre Tour with ALD

Wales Millennium Centre Tour with ALD

Today (21/03/15) I had the privilege of a private tour around the Wales Millennium Centre with the Association of Lighting Designers.

We started the day at 12 and meet up for a friendly chat in one of the WMC bars, it was also great to have Rick Fisher with us, this was as he is the lighting designer for the theatre performance Man to Man which is currently in theatre this weekend. Martin the WMC technical manager then meet up with us and showed us around the centre, we started back stage where we saw the trap room and the load in bays. The tour then continued showing us around the wings of the main stage leading up into the fly floor, this struck me as an impressive piece of engineering allowing you to bring in heavy scenery with little effort on a counterweight system. We then continued to the top of the building some 37m up (20m Grid) where we could take a peak out over cardiff bay, following this we looked around the practise spaces.

As I mentioned above Man to Man is currently showing at the western study, I went to see it yesterday and really enjoyed it, the lighting was brilliant and I learnt a lot about theatre lighting thanks to a lecture afterwards by Rick Fisher! We got the oppertunity to look around the set and had a walk on the tension wire grid above, this is where the lights are focused and rigged above the auditorium.

The tour was great and really interesting, thank you to ALD for organising the day and WMC for allowing us to walk around their beautiful theatre. Also a special thank you to Rick Fisher for spending the day with us.

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